You can book an appointment below with one of our fabulous lab techs.  Each has a particular skill set listed so choose the one that is right for you.

Drop-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis.  For this reason, we recommend making an appointment.  

Booked an appointment already?  You can find the Zoom link to your lab tech here.

The Coding Lab basically works in person. If you want a zoom session, please leave us a note in the appointment link!

Jeeyoon -        Monday 12-3pm

HTML/CSS/JS, p5.js, three.js, d3.js, Data visualization, ml5.js, Python, Numpy, Pandas, Web scraping, TouchDesigner, Ableton Live, Netlify, JAMstack, Project ideation

Wasif -             Monday 3-6pm

Programming, Problem-Solving, Full-Stack Development, Automation Projects, API Integrations

John -               Tuesday 11am-2pm

I love Debugging, Project Planning and Brainstorming! I can help you with Game Design, TouchDesigner, MAX/MSP/Jitter, P5, JavaScript, Node.js, Three.js, HTML, Arduino, Physical Computing and more!

Sue -                Tuesday 2-3pm

software / web dev (html, css, javascript, react, vue, python, java, p5, createjs, processing), 3d / ar / vr (maya, blender, substance painter, daz, reallusion, unreal, unity, three.js, aframe, webgl, spark ar, arkit), puppetry, storytelling + world development, brainstorming + concept development

Cezar -            Tuesday 5-6pm

Concept development, art, general programming (javascript, C++), creative coding (p5.js, openFrameworks), shaders, game engines (Unreal Engine), full stack web development (html, css, javascript, node, react, react native), networking (servers, web sockets, UDP, OSC), OBS, basic MaxMSP, Raspberry Pi.

Angelo -          Wednesday 9am-12pm

p5.js, javascript, Blender, Fusion 360, 3D modelling/shading/animation, design for fabrication, rapid prototyping, avid conversationalist, debugging, shop machines, brainstorming
Julie -              Wednesday 2-3pm

ICM, web development (HTML/CSS, javascript, React, Bootstrap, SASS, Node.js with express, Firebase, MongoDB, Heroku, Glitch), creative coding (p5.js, ml5.js), python, Design for Diversity (D4D framework), education/higher education, sustainability, environmental science, NYC trash system, project development, brainstorming

David Stein -   Wednesday 3-6pm

Javascript, Processing, p5.js, openFrameworks, Amazon AWS, coding strategies, general coding questions, career advice, some webgl, glsl, ableton, python, php, java, shell scripting, linux, github, c#, sql, arduino, electronics, unity

Olivia -             Thursday 12-3pm

Game Engine (Unity & C#, Unreal & Blueprint), p5.js, Physical Computing (Arduino, UE4Duino), Adobe, Blender, Game Design (Concept Development, Level Design), VR related, Version Control (SVN, Perforce)

MK -                 Thursday 3-6pm 

Backend & front end web development - javascript, python, npm, java, websockets, http rest services, HTML, CSS, Graph, NoSQL, and MySQL databases. Creative coding and visualization - processing, p5.js, d3.js

David Currie - Friday 10am-1pm

HTML/CSS/JavaScript, P5, ML5, Node, Physical Computing, Audio Software, Music Composition, Max, ChucK, Live Coding, General Debugging

Emily -              Friday 2-3pm

ICM, p5.js, HTML/CSS/Javascript, React.js

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