Speaker Series
Phoenix Perry  

Mar 26, 2021

Phoenix Perry creates embodied games and installations. In her recent project, InteractML, she is developing an interactive machine learning plugin with Rebecca Fiebrink, among others. As an advocate for women in game development, she founded Code Liberation Foundation. Presently, she leads an MSc in Creative Computing at University of the Arts London's Creative Coding Institute.

Speaker Series
Everest Pipkin    

Feb 26, 2021

Everest Pipkin is a drawing, game and software artist from Central Texas, who produces intimate work with large data sets, archives, and other resources for digital information.

They hold a BFA from University of Texas at Austin, an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and are currently based on the Gulf Coast. You can check out more of Pipkin’s prolific and wonderfully varied body of work at https://everest-pipkin.com.

New York University 
4th Floor
370 Jay street, 11201
Brooklyn, NY
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