Data & APIs Workshop

Oct 30th, 2023

Link to slides

Learn what happens when you enter a url in the browser, and how to use APIs.

by Anna Y Lin

Introduction to React

Oct 26, 2023

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Learn how to create a simple web application with React.js

by Lucia Gomez

Level Greyboxing with
Unity ProBuilder

Nov 17, 2021

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Level design refers the creation of video game levels, locales, missions or stages. If you want to rapidly test your level design ideas and see how your environment feels, Unity ProBuilder can be a great choice!

by Olivia Yin

Digital Gardening With Obsidian

Nov 3, 2021

Link to Github Repo

Digital Gardening is a SUPER fun way to re-imagine reading, writing and thinking in our wacky world of WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

Digital gardening emphasizes growing little webs and NETWORKS of meaningful notes and ideas that get better over time!

Instead of taking notes and never looking at them again, Digital Gardens encourage revisiting and cultivating your ideas. How fun! In a world where we're constantly bombarded with streams of information, it can be really helpful to carve out a little garden of your own ideas! It's a really great way to retain what you learn in school as well as many other things.

by John Bezark

Introduction to Live Coding with TidalCycles

Oct 30 & 31, 2021

Link to Github Wiki

Live coding embraces failure, transparency and... algorithms! In live coding we use mostly open-source, free tools. It is an on-the-fly performance practice that people use to generate sound and visuals.

This workshop covered installing & performing our first improv jam session with TidalCycles, which is a pattern-based live coding language for making music. 

by Jeeyoon Hyun & David Currie

Link to Miro Board

Anyone can program - just like anyone can eat a carolina reaper chilli pepper! This workshop was about giving you a bunch of tools and strategies for troubleshooting, debugging, and getting more comfortable with your own code.

by Wasif Hyder

(free) Online design resources

Feb 12, 2020

Free Online software to aid and enhance your design process! (Vectr, Canva, Photopea)

by Raaziq M Brown

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